T-Zero in-app purchase problems

By now many of you have seen that T-Zero now allows you to purchase unlimited timers.  And those of you who have tried to purchase it, have had it crash.  Every. Single. Time.

(Before I get off to whining about things, I want to thank each and every one of you who turned on crash reporting.  Because you did, I now know exactly what line of code is crashing. If you haven’t turned on crash reporting, please do so now. It’s opt-in, and absolutely no personal information gets sent. It’s incredibly helpful to developers. Go to Settings->Privacy->Diagnostics & Usage and turn on “Automatically Send” and “Share With App Developers”.)

Trust me when I tell you that this was tested and never crashed in the test environment.  One of Apple’s IAP API’s (in-app purchase application programmer interface) is throwing an exception – basically saying it’s found something wrong and can’t continue, which causes the app to crash.

It’s important when writing code that throws exceptions to document why it would do so. Apple doesn’t do this. The programmer who wrote the code anticipated that a problem might occur and added code to intercept that problem, but because there’s no documentation of this, I can only guess at what might fix it. And because I can’t reproduce the crash, I can only guess if I’ve got it right.

New version coming soon.

06. January 2017 by admin
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