RUNsimple 1.3 released

RUNsimple 1.3 was released on the App Store this afternoon.  The big feature added is ghost racing.  You can now race against your most recent run, your fastest time to goal, or any saved route.  You can also send routes to your friends for them to race against.

Ghost racing is a straight time-to-distance race.  You and your friend don’t actually need to use the same route.  Their route is displayed on the map if you are nearby, so you can follow it if you want to, but friends far away can still race against each other.

Ghost racing is a great motivator.  If you don’t believe me, look at my actual best “runs” to 2.5 miles.  When you’re done laughing at how pitiful they are, take note about how they’ve been steadily dropping.  IMG_0539 copy

18. February 2015 by admin
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