Two apps submitted today!

App reviews is running 5 days.

YachtSync, an app for sailors competing in handicapped sailboat racing, counting down the time until the exact second they need to start.  Did you know that sailboat races start on weird times, like 17 seconds after 6:19pm?  Neither did I.  But now they have help.

YachtSync will be free until the end of August.

T-Zero 2.0.3 has minor improvements.  Only reason, really, to release this before iOS 7 drops is the non-developers who have written one-star reviews while running the app on the iOS 7 beta.  Not cool.  (See my post on the bug below.)

If you’re running the beta, you can’t expect anything to work.  There are a ton of apps that don’t work right or plain crash on launch.  When Apple updates iOS, they’re not trying to maintain backwards compatibility like Microsoft does.  They consider it our responsibility to either make our apps work with iOS or pull them from the store.

Oh, and betas have been known to brick phones.

And the Apple Store Geniuses will not be sympathetic.


04. August 2013 by admin
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