T-Zero in-app purchase problems

By now many of you have seen that T-Zero now allows you to purchase unlimited timers.  And those of you who have tried to purchase it, have had it crash.  Every. Single. Time.

(Before I get off to whining about things, I want to thank each and every one of you who turned on crash reporting.  Because you did, I now know exactly what line of code is crashing. If you haven’t turned on crash reporting, please do so now. It’s opt-in, and absolutely no personal information gets sent. It’s incredibly helpful to developers. Go to Settings->Privacy->Diagnostics & Usage and turn on “Automatically Send” and “Share With App Developers”.)

Trust me when I tell you that this was tested and never crashed in the test environment.  One of Apple’s IAP API’s (in-app purchase application programmer interface) is throwing an exception – basically saying it’s found something wrong and can’t continue, which causes the app to crash.

It’s important when writing code that throws exceptions to document why it would do so. Apple doesn’t do this. The programmer who wrote the code anticipated that a problem might occur and added code to intercept that problem, but because there’s no documentation of this, I can only guess at what might fix it. And because I can’t reproduce the crash, I can only guess if I’ve got it right.

New version coming soon.

06. January 2017 by admin
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RUNsimple temporarily pulled from App Store

Shortly after releasing 1.5.5, I found a bug which causes all RUNsimple to crash on all versions of iOS before 9.0. And I mean, seriously, like 30 seconds after hitting the “Release for sale” button, I find the bug.

A new version has been submitted and will be released as soon as it is approved.

Also, there is a bug for iOS 9 users when saving or mailing routes.  This is a very strange bug that is caused by an undocumented change in iOS 9 in which the OS tells the app that the keyboard has been re-deployed every time the user selects a text field.  Working on this one right now.

12. October 2015 by admin
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RUNsimple 1.3 released

RUNsimple 1.3 was released on the App Store this afternoon.  The big feature added is ghost racing.  You can now race against your most recent run, your fastest time to goal, or any saved route.  You can also send routes to your friends for them to race against.

Ghost racing is a straight time-to-distance race.  You and your friend don’t actually need to use the same route.  Their route is displayed on the map if you are nearby, so you can follow it if you want to, but friends far away can still race against each other.

Ghost racing is a great motivator.  If you don’t believe me, look at my actual best “runs” to 2.5 miles.  When you’re done laughing at how pitiful they are, take note about how they’ve been steadily dropping.  IMG_0539 copy

18. February 2015 by admin
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RUNsimple Testers Wanted

Still looking for beta testers for RUNsimple. Great for runners or for people looking to get started running. Must have iOS 7 op 8.

Just send me an email asking to be a RUNsimple beta tester.

01. February 2015 by admin
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T-Zero Beta Testers Wanted

Must have iOS 8.  Email me at dan@dandotdev.net.

29. October 2014 by admin
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By the Way

If you got the bad release, do not delete it.  That will delete your timers, which might still be there.

28. October 2014 by admin
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Well, this is fun

A bad release of T-Zero just got posted to the app store.  It puts the app into “demo mode”, which I use to make screenshots.  I’m also getting reports of crashes that I’m looking into.  I may be looking for beta testers later tonight.

The bad release has been pulled.  Very sorry.

28. October 2014 by admin
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New T-Zero Coming

Version 3.0 will be released in the coming weeks. All that’s left to do is make sure Voice Over is working perfectly.

31. December 2013 by admin
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Oh, and I forgot to mention that T-Zero passed 2 million unique downloaders a few weeks back.

That seems like quite a lot.

04. August 2013 by admin
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Two apps submitted today!

App reviews is running 5 days.

YachtSync, an app for sailors competing in handicapped sailboat racing, counting down the time until the exact second they need to start.  Did you know that sailboat races start on weird times, like 17 seconds after 6:19pm?  Neither did I.  But now they have help.

YachtSync will be free until the end of August.

T-Zero 2.0.3 has minor improvements.  Only reason, really, to release this before iOS 7 drops is the non-developers who have written one-star reviews while running the app on the iOS 7 beta.  Not cool.  (See my post on the bug below.)

If you’re running the beta, you can’t expect anything to work.  There are a ton of apps that don’t work right or plain crash on launch.  When Apple updates iOS, they’re not trying to maintain backwards compatibility like Microsoft does.  They consider it our responsibility to either make our apps work with iOS or pull them from the store.

Oh, and betas have been known to brick phones.

And the Apple Store Geniuses will not be sympathetic.


04. August 2013 by admin
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