T-Zero is a simple, attractive countdown timer for your iPhone or iPod Touch. Give it a time and a date and it will keep track of the days, hours, and even seconds for.

T-Zero features a neat, clean, uncluttered appearance. Create up to 10 countdown timers and flick between them. T-Zero is totally free, no money, no ads.

To create a new countdown timer in T-Zero, tap the button in the toolbar. A new countdown timer will sweep in from the right. Tap the button and the edit sheet will slide up from the bottom. Tap the buttons on the sheet to set a new time and date for your countdown timer and to give your timer a title. Keep clicking OK until you're back to the main screen. If you quit T-Zero, it will remember all your timers, the order they are in, and which one you were looking at when you quit.

If you need to edit the timer again, press the button to display the edit sheet. You can only do this while holding your device in portrait mode.

When the timer reaches zero, it will begin counting up. You can see this by checking the text directly above the timer.

When you're done with your timer, press the button and it will disappear. Note: You cannot delete the last countdown timer. The button will dim to remind you of this.

Download it now on the App Store.

Be careful what countdown timers you create, some of them can be quite depressing...

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