This will be short and simple. I do not believe in unnecessarily collecting my users' personal information. So I don't do that.

Below, I discuss the type of data collected for each of my apps.


Information collected on the phone

Statistical information about your runs is collected on the phone and retained permanently. This includes the time and date of your run, distance, any personal bests, etc. You can see most this information by going to Options/Runs/All Runs.

Should you choose to enter it, your weight will be stored on your phone. You can delete it if you want. You can also outright lie about it.

Location information is collected during your run and held in temporary memory. The two automatic modes of ghost racing ("Ghost race against most recent run" and "Ghost race against fastest time to goal") will store one run worth of location data on the iPhone. Otherwise, location is not stored in permanent memory (i.e., on the disc) unless directed by the user.

Information transmitted over the Internet or stored on my server.

The user may send location data from their run over Internet e-mail. No other information is sent over the Internet. No information is sent over the Internet without the user's express direction.

Nothing is stored on any server I have control over.


If you turn this feature on, RUNsimple will store your workout start and end time, distance, and active and passive calories in HealthKit.

RUNsimple retrieves your weight from HealthKit and holds it temporarily in memory while calculating calories burned and the discards it. If you have the Health app on your phone, I recommend storing your weight there rather than in RUNsimple.

T-Zero, HeliHeadspeed, and YachtSync

Information collected on the phone

The information you entered into the app is stored temporarily, except for timer names and dates entered into T-Zero. T-Zero stores this information until you delete it.

Information transmitted over the Internet or stored on my server.

HeliHeadspeed and YachtSync do not transmit any information over the Internet or store it on any server.

T-Zero only transmits information over the Internet at the user's direction through the share panel. Where this information ends up depends on exactly how it was shared. No information from T-Zero is stored on a server I control.

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