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Runners/walkers with iOS 8 only please.

RUNsimple is the running app for the rest of us.

If you've ever wondered why you need an online account ro track your runs, RUNsimple is for you. No online accounts, so all of your information stays on your phone.

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T-Zero is a simple, attractive countdown timer for your iPhone or iPod Touch. Give it a time and a date and it will keep track of the days, hours, and even seconds for you.

T-Zero features a neat, clean, uncluttered appearance. Create up to 10 countdown timers and flick between them. T-Zero is totally free, no money, no ads.

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HeliHeadspeed is an iPhone app that helps RC helicopter pilots find the proper pinions and motors. Tell it how many cells your battery pack has, how many teeth the pinion has, and your motor's KV, and HeliHeadspeed will estimate the head speed you will achieve.

HeliHeadspeed can also work backwards, recommending a pinion or motor KV based on the head speed you would like to have.

HeliHeadspeed, features a built-in database of popular helicopters so you won't have to search the Internet to find the tooth count on your helicopter's main gear. It's designed to give you answers with as little pain as possible.

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